We are an inclusive and multidisciplinary working team in a permanent process of development and improvement. Our aim is to provide our clients with added value, guaranteeing that projects carried out do not only cover specific requirements but also generate impact in the different areas they are intended for.


Carolina Murgueitio

General Director

Gelcy Diaz

Finance and Administration Manager

Marisol Rodríguez

Proposals Manager

Carolina Suárez

Technical Manager - Director of Projects

Margarita Moreno

Human Talent Manager

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Zuleima Urrea
Data Collection Director
Agricultural Engineer, graduated from the Universidad Surcolombiana with a specialization in social management from Uniminuto and a Master's degree in project management from the EAN. With experience in the design, planning, monitoring, and execution of information collection operations at the national level and in the planning, advice and support of information collection in Central American and Caribbean countries. Her experience includes the management of work teams, the management of administrative and operational aspects for qualitative and quantitative data collections, in urban and rural areas, face-to-face and virtual. She has participated in projects related to the following topics: education, health, early childhood, socioeconomics, rural finance, among others.